Saturday, November 01, 2008

BPA news

More on Bisphenol-A:

1. Wegmans Food Markets responded to a question by me (excerpt of response):
None of Wegmans jugs or plastic cups/lids contains BPA. We use HDPE(#2) for milk jugs and Polypropylene (#5) for cultured products cups and lids. BPA is found in plastic objects made from Polycarbonate — usually grouped under recycling #7 — these plastics are hard, not flexible like our packaging.

2. The NYT has been mentioning BPA:
a. BPA may interfere with chemotherapy.
b. Panel rebukes FDA about BPA.
c. NYT editorial board rebukes FDA about BPA.
Now it is imperative that the F.D.A. complete a more rigorous assessment [of BPA]. It must also consider whether to restrict some uses of BPA without waiting for further research.


Katie said...

Hi- can you post the full response from Wegman's? I'm working on a project on BPA. Thanks!

Arun said...

Sorry, Katie, I discarded the letter.