Sunday, November 30, 2008

An editorial

The Tribune from Chandigarh:
It has been noticed over the years that in the name of federalism and coalition politics, the authority of the Centre has grossly weakened and the states are going their way in many vital areas, unmindful of a national perspective.

Under the pretext that law and order is a state subject in the jurisdictional division of responsibility, the states have been blocking reforms that could make the Centre strong enough to tackle threats to security.

The states have particularly succeeded in blocking the setting up of a central nodal agency to fight any threat to national security. There are several other areas where the states have resisted central advice and intervention, getting away with many a lapse.

Considering the present situation, it has become imperative for the Centre to set up a central nodal authority – whatever its label – to draw a national strategy to fight any threat to national security.

It is possible to set up the new nodal agency without amending the Constitution. But in case the Centre wants to arm itself with power to set up one, the people under the present climate would support an amendment of the Constitution, maybe, in the winter session of Parliament.

The country cannot be allowed to be weakened just because of the flotsam and jetsam who come to power in the states.