Sunday, November 30, 2008

One from Mazdak

Far too many people here have taken to shrugging off such excesses committed in the name of Islam, while foaming at the mouth about the inequities of the West.

You can substitute "India" for the "West" in the above and it will still remain true. But you should read the entire essay.

PS: on the previous essay that I had linked to, a headline like "Prominent Pakistani columnist clubs together secular India, Taliban as forces regressing Muslims to the sixth century and asks for end of madness" -- In India, Muslim ulema have won the right to dominate women as a religious right. This exemption was granted to them by a secular Congress Party. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Taliban and their supporters want to ban music, movies and even kite-flying. When the Taliban were in power, they had banned education for girls, and had denied women medical care from male doctors. Where will this madness end?