Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rangoli 2008

Courtesy my niece, N:

Rangoli 2008:

Rangoli 2008


The evolution over time is interesting (my photographic equipment has also improved - greatly - over the same time)

Rangoli 2007:



I'm missing Rangoli 2006!!!!! Oh no!
Rangoli 2006: (this is what I have:)


Rangoli 2005:



cynthia said...

Hi Arun,

So this post of yours shows that evolution is flowing in a forward direction, at least when it comes to colors and patterns. Plus it help to have a photographer evolving in a forward direction, too!

And I'm sure it helps to have a tile floor with a checkerboard pattern to it in that it'll help keep all the patterns in your Rangoli symmetrical to one another. My tile floor, OTOH, has a staggered pattern to it, so I'm sure my Rangoli would turn out to look like a drunk designed it.;~)

Anonymous said...

amazinnn rangoliiii...super osmm