Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swaraj versus Independence

One needs to understand Swaraj, Gandhi did what he did for Swaraj, not for Independence.  What is the difference?  Swaraj goes beyond independence.

Gandhi had published a book in 1909,  "Hind Swaraj".
As Pinto explicates, "The principal theme of Hind Swaraj is the moral inadequacy of western civilization, especially its industrialism, as the model for free India."
Gandhi could not have known about global warming, but it is true, as we know today:  if Indians seek and achieve living like the West, it means ecological catastrophe, not just of India, but for the world.  Industrialism has to reform its basis or else people have to reform their ideas of what it means to live well. 

PS: "The moral inadequacy of industrialism" - may provoke some raised eyebrows.  What is the connection between morality and industrialism?  Isn't industrialism morally neutral?  The answer to that is, yes, it doesn't translate well,  dharma is very much concerned with sustainability.