Monday, January 28, 2013

Bengal Famine 1770

In the Bengal famine of 1770,  the official East India Company figures were that one-third the population of Bengal perished  (today estimated to be about 10 million people).  The East India Company did not, however, relent on taxes, specifically the land revenues on agricultural lands.

It is because these blighters write the history, that they are supposedly better than Hitler and the Nazis.  Make no mistake, they were just as murderous.   The number of Satis they prevented were a few hundred a year, this makes them humanitarian - just remember that.  Oh, and a few guys gave some liberal but ineffectual speeches in the House of Commons.  Hitler was not so smart, he should have loved his victims in his speeches, and I'm sure the world would think of him as highly as they do of the English.


PS:  "A Captain Edwards who visited Oudh in 1774 reported it to be "flourishing in manufactures, cultivation and commerce."  After the kind attentions of the East India Company, "Nine years later he found the country 'forlorn and desolate'.   Others confirmed his report, and Parliamentary Reports have recorded their verdicts."  (Reginald Reynolds, "The White Sahibs in India").


PPS: The worst scum on earth today, fit fellows of the East India Company,  are those who try to justify that imperialism today.

PPPS: Let us not forget the class of Indians that was raised by the Company as collaborators.