Saturday, January 26, 2013

A quote from Lord Hastings

Came across this in my internet peregrinations.

The Private Journal of the Marquess of Hastings K.G., Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief in India, Edited by his Daughter, The Marchioness of Bute. (Third Edition, Allahabad, 1907).

October 2nd, 1813
....The Hindoo appears a being nearly limited to mere animal functions, and even in them indifferent.  Their proficiency and skill in the several lines of occupation to which they are restricted, are little more than the dexterity which any animal with similar conformation, but with no higher intellect than a dog, an elephant or a monkey, might be supposed capable of attaining. 

PS: To be noted that this is after some five decades of British rule & plunder.