Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wikileaks confirms the Circle of Life


Wikileaks has published a huge leak of classified material from US military sources. While the Guardian, UK, has emphasized underreported civilian deaths, the New York Times has emphasized identifying the enemy - the link should lead you to a document summarized thus, from December 2006 - just one of many:
Summary This report suggests that a member of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence is in charge of suicide bombing operations in Kabul, and that he is a graduate of the Haqqania madrasa near Peshawar. The report outlines the general process of preparing a suicide attack.

Apart from drone attacks, the US was delivering such in 2006, and such in 2007.

And so it continues. The 2009 Kerry-Lugar bill gives Pakistan $1.5 billion an year for 5 years. The truth is: The war can't end as long as the US is financing both sides. It must stop financing one side or the other, ASAP.

PS: The Guardian's assessment of this intelligence is that there is no smoking gun.

PPS: Der Spiegel's take: The Secret Enemy in Pakistan

PPPS: The cartoon is said to be by Ajit Ninan.