Friday, July 23, 2010

Al Rehmat Trust

From The Friday Times:

Peshawar weekly Al Qalam stated that Al Rehmat Trust had ended its two month campaign to collect ushr from farmers all over Pakistan. Ushr is 10 percent of the farm produce. Already in South Punjab most religious institutions close down in order to go out and collect ushr. The money is spent on the wounded mujahideen and on families of the martyred mujahideen. (Ushr, which means ten, is collected at 10 percent from rain-fed areas and 5 percent from canal-fed areas. In Pakistan the rate for rain-fed areas is 5 percent while the barani areas are exempted.)

If you google around, Al Rehmat Trust is a front for the Jaish-e-Mohammed, a jihadi outfit in Pakistan.

So we had not known it, but 5-10% of the farm produce in Pakjab goes to supporting jihad against India.

Fat chance for peace.