Friday, July 09, 2010

Goncha will getcha!

I did say Pakistan is banished from this blog, but this is too funny not to share.
From this week's Friday Times (Nuggets from the Urdu press)

After 'water war', the 'fish war'

Reported in Daily Express ... Indian fish Goncha had attacked Pakistan and entered its rivers from the sea. Goncha was a cruel variety that ate other fish but it was particularly targeting the Pakistani fish, Kalbans and Palla whose two generations were now at risk. The Fisheries Department warned that if counter-measures were not taken the attack from the Indian fish, Pakistani fish will come to an end.
PS: mucking around on the web will find you that

Kalbans is Labeo calbasu. (picture)
Palla is Notopterus notopterus. (picture) {But the fish meant is the Sindhi "Pallu" or Bengali Hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha. Thanks to ArmenT on BRF for the correction!)
Goncha is likely Bagarius bagarius (or here) (picture)

Since all three fish appear in the Gangetic river system, I don't see how they're upsetting the ecology of the Indus.  Moreover how Goncha arrived from the sea is beyond me.  But then the Urdu press of Pakistan is beyond everybody.