Friday, July 11, 2008

The Threat to Marriage

Derbig Mooser is an often humourous poster on He wrote the following:

Y'know, gay marriage just might ruin hetero marriage! Look, it's already happening to me! Two guys moved in to a delapidated house down the block from us (I think they're "that way") and started fixing it up. Pretty soon all I hear from the little helpmeet is "Why doesn't our lawn look like that" and "Why don't you do that to our deck" Next thing I know, she's over there, consulting with them on house colors. She consults, but I have to paint, of course. Well, last night the axe fell. After we drove past and my wife looked at the progress they have made on their retaining walls and garden, I heard her mutter "Next time, I think I'll marry a man!"

I'm telling ya, I never get a break!

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cynthia said...

Besides cooking and cleaning, my skills at home are limited to painting and gardening. So if I can get by without marrying a handyman, a man can, too.;^)