Friday, July 25, 2008

A Good American Consumer

I liked camellias before I ever saw them. Then one spring, in a botanical garden,in a botanical garden, I saw acres of blooming bushes. I then forgot about them till recently, when I saw them in the local nursery. Even without flowers, the dark green foliage (when not sunburnt) is luscious. So I have one planted in the deep shade in my backyard, where it is surviving, if not thriving, and have one in a pot, waiting to be planted. I want maybe two more, max., finding room for more than that is going to be difficult. Plus planting shrubs is hard labor.

So I decide to wait for a sale, and sure enough, a couple of weeks ago, they're offering "buy three, get one free". And of course, in good American tradition, I go for the "savings", and now this is what I have:

From left to right they are:
Lester M. Allen oops! this cultivar would be in high demand.
Tama Electra
Lemon Glow
Dr. Tinsley

Don't I have an eye for harmonizing colors?

Five places to find, clear, dig pits, plant, ... Not as though I have nothing else to do. And these don't even yield chocolate :)

PS: the camellia in the pot had really lovely blooms this spring and I thought I had some photographs. Despite Lightroom and all, I cannot find them. So next year, maybe.

PPS: the green net is my quick fencing to save roses and petunias from marauding deer. Now that all the empty lots on the road have been built up, deer have become a problem.


Angry African said...

Don't you just love it! Have space for one, wait for the BOGOF special and then buy four or five. We are so alike. Yardsale anyone?

cynthia said...

Even though your camellias won't yield you any chocolate, you can still feast your eyes on them, especially with your eye for harmonizing colors!;^)