Saturday, April 14, 2007


While waiting for Wolfowitz to step down from the World Bank, you may like to read these:

Col. Lang writes at turcopolier

IMO, he is a war criminal. Men were hanged after WW2 for "planning and waging aggressive war." What did he (PW) do? IMO, he was at the heart of the conspiracy to persuade GWB to invade Iraq (for whatever set of reasons that you prefer), depose its ruler, destroy its government and substitute another more to our liking. Is this not "planning and waging aggressive war?"

Paul Wolfowitz's "Hours" May be Numbered at World Bank
Steve Clemons, at The Washington Note

"Paul Wolfowitz has now admitted to helping his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, get positions outside the Bank, including "seconding" her to the US State Department that have helped up her salary to levels that clearly violate World Bank rules (i.e. nearly double her salary ). This is the kind of personnel nepotism and corruption that Wolfowitz has stated he is trying to wipe out at the Bank and in the client governments of the Bank."

Steve Clemons also provides information on how to convey your opinion to the decision makers.


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