Monday, April 16, 2007

A snapshot of Daily Kos recommended diaries

BREAKING: Gonzales caught in perjury by new e-mail
Email has been found which seems to contradict US Attorney General's prepared written testimony submitted to Congress.

Now Do You Understand?
The Virginia Tech shooting in which more than 30 were killed, which has shocked the nation, is, in scale, a daily occurrence in Iraq.

I Live In Blacksburg, And Instapundit Is Pissing Me Off -UPDATED
A Blacksburg, VA resident (where VA Tech is) is incensed that a conservative commentator is trying to score NRA points over the VA Tech shooting tragedy.

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Turns Blue
A long-time Republican gives up on the GOP and joins the Democrats.

Famous 82-year-old ex-CEO sh*ts a brick over Bushco
Lee Iacocca's blistering criticism of the Bush Administration.

UPDATED: France told CIA about hijacking plans pre-9/11
In the months before September 2001, French intelligence had informed the CIA about al Qaeda plans to hijack an airplane.

A British Mark of Respect and Sorrow
Condolences for the VA Tech shooting.

Shooting at Virginia Tech
News about the VA Tech shooting.