Sunday, April 29, 2007


Y'day I was feeling rather annoyed. You see, Friday, the bird food had run out. So, Saturday, I went to the pet store, got the standard wild bird food, supplemented it with black sunflower seed (2:1 ratio), took down the bird feeders, gave them a thorough wash, did chores outside waiting for feeders to dry out, and then filled them up. All the while, the various finches, titmice, chickadees, doves, blackbirds, and so on were reproaching me in no uncertain terms, while perched on the roof and various trees and bushes.

Then I fill the feeders, put them back in the normal places, and go in to make lunch. And watch the birds from the kitchen window.

What birds? They'd all gone away!

But then the birds redeemed themselves, when after lunch, a hummingbird visited, the first in my memory. That made my day! Of course, it didn't visit my hummingbird feeder, but who cares.

My next task is to follow as much of the NJ Audubon Society planting advice as possible. And of course, plot on getting a nice long birding lens :).

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Anonymous said...

Call them birdbrains and feel better :)