Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Pakistani Fox

Regarding Pakistani reaction to the proposed US-India nuclear deal, Vaylan on bharat-rakshak.com writes:

...it seems like a severe case of the fox and the sour grapes. An ordinary fox would say the grapes were sour and leave it at that.

What would a Pakistani fox do ( apologies for associating a noble animal with a despicable entity )?

* Threaten to burn, poison, chop down the tree for not giving up the grapes
* Declare that it would plant a new tree right next to the first one, and make the first tree jealous
* Threaten to f*rt till the tree is blown away
* Claim that the grapes are poisonous, not just sour
* Promise to come back with other foxes and destroy the tree
* Complain that the tree's intention is to starve the fox to death
* Claim that the tree owes it grapes because the fox p*ssed on its roots, once upon a time.
* Threaten to find a new tree with better grapes, leaving the first tree high and dry
* Claim that God will strike the tree dead because it refused to give up the grapes