Saturday, April 22, 2006

Excerpts from the Prithvi Sukta

Clifford, at Cosmic Variance reminds us that it is Earth Day, today. So here are some excerpts from the Prithvi Sukta - Hymn to the Earth - from the Atharva Veda.

You can read one version here: the 1897 translation by Maurice Bloomfield. I'm using a recent translation by Shrinivas S. Sohoni.

May this Earth, replete with seas, rivers and water sources, excellent foodgrain from agriculture, prolific vegetation and abundant living creaters, bestow upon us munificent nutrition!

May the Earth who is in the nature of a mother, hold us, her sons, close to her life-endowing self, protect us, and may Parjanya (the rain-bearing clouds) in the nature of a father, tend our upbringing.

May this Earth so charged with positive force, neutralise that element which impels ill-will, aggressive intention, subjugation of human beings and their elimination.

May the Earth give us, her progeny, the capacity to speak pleasantly with each other, may our languages enable harmonious interaction between ourselves.

May the Earth which imbues men and women with good fortune and good appearance and gives fleet-footedness to the horse and the deer and strength to the elephants, may this Earth imbue us also with radiance; let none be averse to us!

In daily life, on Earth, whether we are sitting, standing, or in motion, may our activity be such as would never cause injury or grief!

I evoke the Earth which gives shelter to all the searchers of truth, to those who are tolerant and have understanding, to all things strength-giving, nutritious; the source of creative spirit, we depend on you, O Earth!

O Earth, in the villages, forest, assemblies, committees and other places on Earth, may what we express always be in accord with you.

Some of the lines from Bloomfield:

These creatures all together shall yield milk for us; do thou, O earth, give us the honey of speech!

That fragrance of thine which is in men, the loveliness and charm that is in male and female, that which is in steeds and heroes, that which is in the wild animals with trunks (elephants), the lustre that is in the maiden, O earth, with that do thou blend us: not any one shall hate us!

In the villages and in the wilderness, in the assembly-halls that are upon the earth; in the gatherings, and in the meetings, may we hold forth agreeably to thee!


B. Ramachandran said...

Can somebody please give the original sanskrit script of Prithvi Suktha and corresponding translation and email it to:

pnk said...

Respected Sir,
The enitre 63 suktas are available in the 12 mandala ist Chapter of Atharva veda downloadable from aaryasamajjamnager web site

thanks and Regards

Jai Ram said...

Brothers and Sisters all,
I have in my possession a translation as well as transliteration of this sublime Prithvi Sukta and would like to learn the correct pronunciation and intonation. Is there an audio version available to which I may avail myself?

Thank you,
Jai Ram