Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More pics

You can see some of my lawn problem below. The grass should be a bright emerald green at this time, instead of the yellowish stuff that is there. The tree and yard in the foreground is mine, but the house in the background is a neighbor's.




Potentilla said...

I like the tree. Plum? In the picture, the grass looks as though it is suffering from drought in the summer, but presumably drought is not the problem. Here's a possibly interesting page I just stumbled across:-

Arun said...

The tree is purple-leafed and is either a decorative plum or a decorative cherry - for some reason I can't ever keep that straight.

Potentilla said...

Oh, purple leaves - Prunus cerasifera "Nigra" perhaps, often confusingly called a cherry plum. It's actually a plum though - the pic looks like a plum because it's graceful, flowering cherries are usually pretty ugly out of flower.