Tuesday, March 11, 2014

White Nationalists Claim Wendy Doniger!

(via Rajiv Malhotra's egroup)

White Nationalists claimed Wendy Doniger as one of their own!    This is from 2010, well before this recent controversy.


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I go to a school which is heavily diverse and liberal, (dont worry im leaving for texas in 4 months). I expressed my beliefs particularly on asians and recieved many 'dont hate' speeches and was called a joke. How do I get my point across standing alone?
Use references by Professors who have written about Asians. Not sure which group of Asian you are talking about (Middle Eastern, Indian, Far Eastern), but Prof. Wendy Doniger of the University of Chicago has written a lot about Indians and Hindus that annoy them. She is a true White Nationalist soldier which is why Microsoft Encarta targeted her and once removed her article from their encyclopedia.

Check her out though -- http://divinity.uchicago.edu/faculty/doniger.shtml

I should also add that she is one of the WNs who is from the left (there is another thread which deals with the subject of whether one can be a White Nationalist and a Communist). Her method is primarily to point out the negative influence that Hindus have had on the world in general, but this does not mean that she does not highlight White pride. She does that too in her books when she gets the chance.

If you were talking of Middle Eastern Asians, you should be able to use he works of any number of scholars. If it is the far-eastern Asians you speak about, then it is a little more difficult to find scholarly stuff on them.

Using authoritative works by Professors always convinces most students. That is what you should do.
(Emphasis added).   But if White Nationalists see the highlighting of White Pride and the denigration of Hindus in Wendy Doniger's books, then they must be mistaken, right?  Or are those who find Wendy Doniger's books scholarly and wonderful, etc., White Nationalists or their camp followers?