Wednesday, March 12, 2014

White Nationalists Claim Wendy Doniger - 2

See part 1, first.

This post reports my failure to find out anything more about the post about Doniger.

The post on Doniger was by a "greatviking", for whom I could find a grand total of 3 posts on the website.  All were made in March 2010, and are on display below.

To find out more about greatviking, one has to register on the site.   With reluctance and hesitance, I tried to register about four times with two legitimate email addresses of mine,  and each time, after filling out all the information, the website spit back that I was a suspected spammer, and if I think I had been rejected in error, to contact the site administrators.    Since I'm a brown guy, I did not think it politic to do so.

If you do searches on Google, you will find that this White Nationalist praise of Wendy Doniger was noticed in 2010, but seems to have been subsequently forgotten.

Could greatviking be an imposter, who put just the three posts below and then vanished, leaving behind a white nationalist paean to Doniger?    I think it rather improbable, because most of the usual suspects I don't believe to be capable of subtlety exhibited here.   For instance, the thread that GreatViking started to put together names of explicitly white nationalist academics didn't go anywhere,  and none of the usual suspects would leave it at that.   There are some regular netizens who I have encountered who are capable of this; but they don't care about this fight.  They are into Muslim-baiting.