Saturday, March 22, 2014

Genocidal, too!

Kalavai Venkat reminds us that Christian theology is not only cannibalistic, but also genocidal.  He points us to what is expected to happen when Jesus returns to Earth.  And it is undeniable that Christians through the ages have been obsessed with the Second Coming.

The point, should you take away one, is not a judgment about Christianity and its theology.  That certainly is not my intent.   My simple point is that all this does not transform Europe into the home of a cannibalistic and genocidal culture, not in my eyes, and certainly not in the eyes of the professors and scholars in the West.  Courtesies which Western academics extend to their own culture, they need to learn to extend to other cultures.  If this was Hinduism these academics were writing about,  you can be sure that a good portion of them portray Hindus as genocidal cannibals.

PS: e.g., Wendy Doniger "...the Vedic reverence for violence flowered in the slaughters that followed Partition".   Don't have to read these so-called scholars to know what they write, it is predictable.  Read one of the missionary tracts from the 19th century, and you know what will be written in the 21st century. 

As Professor Mohan Lal Goel wrote:
Wendy Doniger’s 779-page tome titled, The Hindus: An Alternative History (2009) is a hurtful book, laced with personal editorials, folksy turn of the phrase and funky wordplays.  She has a large repertoire of Hindu mythological stories, and often narrates the most damning story - Vedic, Puranic, folk, oral, vernacular - to demean, damage and disparage Hinduism.  After building a caricature, she laments that fundamentalist Hindus (how many and how powerful are they?) are destroying the pluralistic, tolerant Hindu tradition. But, why save such a vile, violent religion, as painted by the eminent professor? There is a contradiction here.