Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rubbing Pakistan's nose in it

I witnessed Javed Miandad (wiki) on Capital Talk on GeoTV, complaining about Sri Lanka touring India and Bangladesh (but not Pakistan) and that shows there is a conspiracy against Pakistan. Neither he nor anyone else on that show even hinted that something might have happened to keep the Sri Lankans away:
In a commando-style operation, a dozen gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan's cultural and political hub, at 8:45 Tuesday morning [March 3, 2009]. The attackers fired rockets, grenades and multiple rounds of ammunition at the team's bus and the police escorting it, killing eight people and injuring six.

Such liars should be whipped. The article excerpted below is second-best.

Sushil K of the Indian Express.
I say downright pathetic if it wasn’t so tragic. Mohammed Ali Jinnah must be squirming in his grave. His two-nation theory just got the boot from the people and government of the country he got his colonial master to carve out of India. The IPL has exposed the Pakistani envy and love for and of all things ‘India’. Partition was a mistake and nobody knows it better than our brothers and sisters the other side of Wagah.

Just for a couple of days at least the people of Pakistan, and that includes those who make up the Pakistani establishment, gave the impression, articulated the view, that they wanted to be Indians, that they would kill to be Indians. The cries of anguish and anger and disappointment gave that feeling away. Never have any country’s people reacted to a sports snub the way Pakistanis reacted to their players’ IPL exclusion, the most vociferous the Government of Pakistan, hurling threats to do this and that to Indians, tit for tat etc, etc…

All because of a game or two of cricket, may be four/five, on Indian soil? Damn right, hurt pride had a lot to do with the clamour to pay India in the same coin but having said that let’s not forget Pakistan has nothing in its chest — except the American F16 and, soon, US drones — to hit at India, or that India/Indians would want from them.

I can’t think of one thing. What does Pakistan have that Indians should envy or covet? They watch our movies, sing our songs and eat no different. Their celebrities get to be real celebrities only after they make it to a celebrity party in Bombay or Delhi. Their stand-up comedians get instant laughs only on Indian TV shows. And, to top it all, their top gunman is incarcerated in India and that true-blood Pakistani boy is ranting and raving that he is an Indian, his Pakistani mama is an Indian and his Pakistani father is an Indian and two days later he tells the court a few of the nine other Pakistanis who made up 26/11 attackers were Indians. If that does not show how much Pakistanis want to be Indians, what does?