Monday, December 01, 2008

The World is Ending: Bill Kristol makes sense for once!

(hat tip R.P.) Maybe it is that broken clock thing, gets the time right twice a day. Anyway, here is Bill Kristol, making sense. Frightening.

Perhaps it is really that a lot of "liberal" types that are not making sense. Here is what I'd say to them if I could address them:

India is not perfect. If after an attack like that in Mumbai, you find that as people draw together in solidarity, there is renewed energy and purpose to improve India, then go for it, more power to you! But answer this one question - just how perfect does India have to be in your mind, to not merit such an attack?

My answer is: India as it is should not be attacked. If your answer is different, raise your hand now; I want to see your shameless face.

If your answer is the same, then work to prevent and mitigate a second attack. This means strengthening India's defences and neutralizing the terrorists' headquarters. Yes, social justice, non-discrimination, opportunity for all are important. But that is at best the third priority on the list. No program no matter how well implemented will stay the hands of the terrorists two weeks or two months or two years from now. If you are afraid of the possible consequences of striking at the terrorists' leaders, then at least work to strengthen the defences. It is a matter of life and death.