Friday, December 12, 2008

Hamid Gul

Part one of four above. For people who can't follow Urdu, some commentary from Shiv on BRF:
...these videos are not only a great study of Paki piskology [psychology], but they are of good psy ops value to us.

Both this series of videos and the 4 videos of an interview of Samar Mubarakman appear to be TV programs designed to "reassure" the Pakistani public that they cannot be defeated. The problem with the type of exaggeration and hyperbole in those clips is that it will only confuse and anger the Pakistani public to see Pakistan responding to demands from India and the international community.

But that response is making Hamid Gul very angry indeed. Hamid Gul is a very angry man. He believes that Pakistan is not given the "international status" it deserves by India. he is very irritated at the way India speaks of Kashmir as a bilateral issue and it makes him feel that India is treating Pakistan like another state in India.

He feels humiliated and angry at Musharraf's u-turns and dissociates himself from that. But then, even the TV anchor says Musharraf is playing golf in the UK after doing all those things. The TV interviewer asks the right questions but as far as I can recall he was the first to speak the Kashmir word.

Hamid Gul blames Musharraf for the fact that Pakistani soldiers are fighting the forces of Jihad. He almost hopes to see India attacking Pakistan. he say that if India attacks Pakistan, the forces of jihad will fight side by side with the soldiers and Pakistan will become united again. Hamid Gul also says that there are 250,000 ex servicemen in Pakistan who will join a war with India and that he has started exercising again :lol: to get fit to fight. I kid you not, but you have to be masochistic enough to listen to 40 minutes of Hamid Gul.

He gets all dreamy about war with India. He says that if 10 or 12 jihadis can do what they did to Mumbai imagine what 12,000 would be able to do. ("Naani ki yaad aa jayegi")

The TV interviewer asks if Pakistan has ever had occasion to scare any country with verbal threats like India demanded to see the ISI director. Hamid Gul says that "The official secrets act prevents him from talking" :rotfl: When the interviewer persisted he said that he was in charge of the Pakistan 10th army division in 1987 and Rajiv Gandhi panicked because the division had "disappeared" from view for a few days. Hmm- now where have I heard that story before?