Saturday, February 18, 2006

Stupid UP government

I think the state government should face sanction, along with the Minister. At least the All India Muslim Personal Law Board seems to have better sense.

Minister offers bounty for beheading Danish cartoonist

LUCKNOW, MEERUT, FEBRUARY 17: The Minister for Minority Welfare and Haj in the Mulayam Singh Yadav government, Haji Yaqoob Qureishi, has announced a cash reward of Rs 51 crore for anyone who beheads the Danish cartoonist who caricatured Prophet Mohammad.

While the state government has defended the Minister’s remark as the “voice of someone whose religious sentiments have been hurt,” a senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has slammed it calling the reward “anti-Islamic and anti-humanity.”

Speaking to The Indian Express, Qureishi defended his announcement saying it was a “concerted decision” and the killing of a person who blasphemed Islam was “justified.”

Addressing a gathering at the Faiz-e-Azam College in Meerut after Friday prayers today, Qureishi announced the reward and urged Muslims to show “proof” of being himayat-e-Islami by joining in the protest.

Taking the cue, several shopkeepers downed shutters with speakers demanding an apology from the Danish government. They also demanded that New Delhi snap diplomatic ties with Denmark.

When contacted, UP Principal Secretary, Home, Alok Sinha told The Indian Express: “The minister’s reaction was the voice of someone whose religious sentiments have been hurt. Moreover, since the reference was to a person who is far off, there is no question of an FIR being lodged against the minister.”

However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board member and Naib Imam of Aishbagh Idgah, Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali, criticised the Minister’s call for the killing of the cartoonist.

“The Minister’s statement is anti-Shariat, anti-Islam and anti-humanity,” Mahali said. “The western media is already up against Islam, the minister’s statement will only add fuel to the fire.” The Prophet believed in pardoning others for “sins committed by them,” the Maulana said, “Who are we to issue such irresponsible statements?”

FYI for the non-desi reader, a crore is 10 million. A currency converter is here. At a minimum, the Minister should be investigated to find out how he happens to have so much money.


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Shuuro said...

When asked about it, he said that the people of meerut will donate the money and women in particular will give their jewelry to uphold the islam. It is really pathetic that no one dares to take action against minister just because he is a muslim.