Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pakistani Wonder Weapon

Daily Jang

Pakistan gains capability to hit invisible target
(Updated at 2200 PST)
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has gained what it calls ‘joint standoff weapons’ a capability through which an invisible target can be hit.

The weapon, in which integrated Global Position System and Inner-shell Management System Navigation are used, is a part of a joint programme of Navy and Air force in the U.S.

Joint airframe, guidance system and flight control is used in this programme which is designed on the modular programme and thanks to this system the missile can hit a target at range of 70 kilometers.

The missile can hit an enemy target without entering air limits of an enemy.

I think Inner-shell was meant to be Inertial; but how the missile accomplishes its mission of hitting an enemy target without entering its air space (air limits????) is beyond me.