Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One brave soul in India

Three cheers for Ajay Veer Singh!

Case against minister who offered bounty for Danish cartoon

Lucknow: A court in Uttar Pradesh will Thursday hear a case against state minister Haji Yaqoob Quereshi for offering a bounty of Rs.510 million to anyone who beheaded the cartoonist responsible for the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

The case has been filed in the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Narendra Singh at Ghaziabad, 20 km from New Delhi, by advocate Ajay Veer Singh, who alleged the police had refused to take note of Quereshi's "unlawful" utterances.

This in the face of utterly irresponsible morons like this one:

The Uttar Pradesh Principal Secretary (Home) Alok Sinha shrugged off the minister's clear and resounding public incitement to murder with a blasé and bizarre logic: "There is no offence to make such an announcement about a person living in a distant foreign country." That was not all, as he went on to say, with nary a thought about the responsible position he is entrusted with, that "the announcement had been made taking into account the feelings of the people". And then came the clincher: "In a democracy such announcements are made in a normal way. It cannot be said to be a law and order issue". This from the from the state's Principal Secretary (Home), the person in charge of law and order.


A pox on Indian "secularists"!