Saturday, September 09, 2017

Rakhigarhi: New player enters the field

I'm still dubious about finding any ancient DNA in the hot and humid conditions of India, but Professor Vasant Shinde of Deccan College, Pune,  and his collaboration with South Korea (presumably Seoul National University College of Medicine) have tried (and rumors have it that their findings are held up due to politics), and now the Times of India reports that another player has entered the field.

Lucknow: Ancient DNA lab at BSIP to unearth Harappan history

LUCKNOW: The mystery surrounding the origin of the Indus valley population and reconstructing the history of Harappa will be possible with the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences (BSIP) all set to conduct research on prehistoric DNA. In a first, the institute is setting up an ancient DNA laboratory.

Earlier, the institute had found through research that ostrich lived in India 25,000 years ago. Now, palaeo-scientists would be researching on the DNA of 20 skeletons procured from Rakhigarhi and Farmana in Harappa. The institute will officially declare setting up of the ancient DNA laboratory on its foundation day on September 10. The lab would also be the first in South Asia to study DNA of the prehistoric age.

"The institute has a rare collection of some of the oldest grains from the Gangetic plains and rare archaeological sites. Ancient DNA analysis may lead to major discovery in the field of palaeosciences," said BSIP director Sunil Bajpai.

The institute will first conduct DNA study
of the 20 skeletons from the Harappan site followed by that of horses, rice grains from Gangetic plains and grains from Harappan sites. "DNA study of the earbone and teeth of the 20 skeletons will be conducted. These skeletons were collected by the BSIP after excavation from two of the oldest Harappan sites," said scientist Niraj Rai.

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