Monday, November 14, 2016

Secretary of State - John Bolton?

The people who hang out at Retd. US Army Colonel W. Patrick Lang's blog Turcopolier greatly dislike Obama, utterly hate Hillary Clinton, but over the years, a lot of vitriol has been reserved for John Bolton.
There is also a danger that the neocon faction among Trump's advisers will succeed in achieving power in his cabinet.  The appointment of John Bolton to State, would be ,IMO, an unmitigated disaster.(W.P.Lang)
This is because apparently Bolton hasn't seen a foreign entanglement he didn't like.  Bolton is most certainly of the school "bomb Iran, don't negotiate with it".

Well, the rumor is that Bolton is the top candidate for Trump's Secretary of State.   Some people hope that since the Democrats in 2005 filibustered his nomination as Ambassador to the UN and Bush had push him through in a recess appointment, he won't get the nod.

But in November 2013, the Senate agreed that no executive appointments or judicial nominees other than those for the Supreme Court can be filibustered; and those rules are still in place.  So the Democrats won't be able to rescue us from a Bolton nomination, it will be up to the Republicans to produce some No! votes.

I think it is only just that Trump supporters be subjected to the same nervousness that the rest of us will be subjected to for the next four years, as Trump brings the dregs of American politics all the way to the top.