Sunday, November 10, 2013

What is the risk?

In countries like India and China, a long-standing cultural preference for having at least one son plus modern (state-induced in China or otherwise) reduction in number of children a family wants plus the reliable detection of the sex of the fetus plus the ready availability of abortion has combined in significant female feticide, so that the sex ratio is severely distorted.  What happens is that if a (modern) couple is going to have only one or two children, then the desire that at least one be a boy plus modern technology leads to female feticide.  In pre-modern days, the couple would simply have had a lot of children.

I wonder what the effect will be of a potential discovery of genes correlated to IQ plus ready fetal genetic testing plus the availability of abortion in an IQ-obsessed society like that of the US of A.  I wonder what the effect will be if these are able to be exported via American soft power and general Indian inferiority complex to Indian society.

PS: Mensa is an international organization for which the only qualification for membership is high IQ.  Mensa was founded in Great Britain in 1946.   Per Mensa pages,  China has around 80 members, Japan around 440, India around 700, Sweden around 4000, Germany around 10,000, the United Kingdom has around 22,700, and the US has around 50,000 (around 45% of the world total).

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