Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Excerpted from the comments on realclimate.org
The ability to remain grimly determined even in the face of overwhelming odds and with little or no hope of success is a deeply rooted ethos in Anglo-Saxon (and many other) culture(s) that needs to be tapped again.
It was perhaps best expressed in the Old English poem, “The Battle at Maldon” by words set in the mouth of a member of a small retinue of warriors whose chief had been slain and who were in the process losing a battle against Vikings who were about to overwhelm them. He said:
hige sceal the heardra heorte the cenremod sceal the mare the ure maegen lytlath(Here’s the manuscript version: 
Which is something like: “Our minds must be that much firmer, our hearts that much keener, our spirit must be that much greater, as our strength diminishes.” 
(Probably a good motto for facing old age, generally, come to think of it.)