Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MacOS X Time Machine question

Is there a way to restore files from the MacOS X Time Machine backups to an entirely new disk (different from the original disk, and not an identical replacement of the original disk)?

In my case, the MacOS X 10.7.5 update broke NEC Spectraview, and I'm unable to calibrate my monitor.  I don't want to do what some have done, which is use Time Machine to downgrade the current installation to 10.7.4.  I simply don't know what it might overwrite.

I have a Mac Pro in which I had a spare disk slot in which I put one of the disks I had lying around; I want to restore 10.7.4 from Time Machine to that disk. 

Right now I don't see any way to make Time Machine do that (and if it is not possible, Time Machine should not be considered to be a back-up solution!)

The other solutions I've tried:

1. Try download from the App Store where my MacOS X Lion order was still visible - that gives only 10.7.5; not 10.7.

2. Write to Apple Store support.   That was worse than useless.