Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dynamic Range

Hydrangeas at the New York Botanical Garden.  Could use some dynamic range here.  Raising the shadows beyond what I did in the third version introduces banding noise in the shadows. This is a photographic situation where the Nikon D800 is expected to shine.

The dome of the conservatory is overexposed, even with highlights set to 0 in LightRoom 4 (just upgraded from version 3)


What a correct exposure of the dome looks like. The foreground is wrapped in shadow.


Exposure +1.25, and Highlights -84 (trying to lift the foreground without losing background detail) and Shadows +14. I could do a little more shadow pushing, but it becomes noisy.


Pushing shadows all the way (the bad effects do not really show at this web size), this is what I would like the shot to look like.

The bad effects can be seen in this 100% crop:

Noise reduction works at the cost of the fine detail (e.g, the fine veins in the leaves are lost).