Monday, October 04, 2010

Re: Martyred

The "crimes" of Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan.
Few months ago i was disgusted to see him advocating music in accordance of Islamic interpretation. Claiming that Islam is the religion of nature and any thing human nature likes like music, painting, dancing and other forms of fine arts are allowed in Islam.
Like all “new age” Islamic scholars he tried to define and explain the issues of hijab, music, jihad, slavery, jurisprudence, punishment of apostate, women rights, divorce,interpretation and other sensitive issues based on one rule that MODERN GLOBAL CIVILIZATION is standard if any Islamic injunction rejects any essential practice or belief system of MODERN GLOBAL CIVILIZATION, then that particular Islamic injunction should be redefined. (obviously this is a disgusting practice for majority of Muslims like me)
Hence i can say that i am not sad at all on the murder of Dr.Farooq Khan, In fact i am happy just because one of the real enemy of Allah(swt) and Rasool ullah(saw) is no more on the face of earth for the dirty job of diabolic.

What can one say to the above?

PS: what seemed most upsetting to the above writer:
For example Mr.Farooq Khan wrote in his book Islam and modern world:
“In the closest circle of a family there is no restriction on mutual contact and meetings. The surah al-Nur describes in detail the manners on meeting outside this circle. The first of these tells that it is obligatory for every man and woman to get him or herself introduced with the inhabitants of a house before entering it, confirm their willingness and pay regards to them. Obviously, this is a universal custom. The Quran says: “Believers, do not enter the dwellings of other people until you have asked their owners’ permission and wished them peace. (Al-Nur-24:27)
Thus after having observed the initial manners of entering a house the visitor may sit down with the dweller.

It is natural that men and women will talk mutually when they will meet at such places. It is, therefore, obligatory for men to wear civilized dress, have modesty in looks and avoid throwing bold and lusty glances towards women

Thus men and women can have mutual contacts on purpose at their residences and public places according to the teachings of Islam. They can talk and exchange views. The two families can have friendly relations in a civilized manner. There should not be sexual excitement and a bold interaction. But there is no restriction upon their civilized social interaction; they may even dine together:
(Islam & Modern World – p/67-68)
So you can see how segregation[sic] of men and women which is not allowed and discouraged every where in Quran and Hadith is easily interpreted as allowed and called as a natural social interaction of two sexes.
PS: The intersection of mores - segregation of men and women which the above writer appears to be in favor of -  and modern photography, Facebook, etc., leads to situations like this: