Saturday, October 02, 2010

Martyred by the Bullies

The Vice Chancellor of Swat Islamic University, Dr Muhammad Farooq Khan was murdered by gunmen, not yet identified.   This article suggests that Dr Khan was "unorthodox".  Was he murdered for his views on the permissibility of music in Islam?
Dr. Khan was associated with Al-Mawrid, an Islamic research organization lead by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi . He gained media limelight and became a center of controversy for his allegedly unorthodox views on permissibility of music. Most of his works can be downloaded from his website. Clipping from the talk show where he shared his views on music is linked below:.......[omitted]
Its one of those days when it feels really impossible to breathe in the land of the pure and sadness overcomes the desire to remain optimistic. When intellect is not tolerated, disagreements are settled through bullets, and mockery of the law becomes a convention, the society seems to be quickly approaching towards self annihilation
PS: Dr Khan might have been annihilated simply for being anti-Taliban.