Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Times Square bombing case

The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, is in custody. The NYTimes, in the middle of an article telling us how normal Faisal Shahzad was until a few months ago, includes this mysterious occurrence from five years ago:
George LaMonica, a 35-year-old computer consultant, said he bought his two-bedroom condominium in Norwalk, Conn., from Mr. Shahzad for $261,000 in May 2004. A few weeks after he moved in, Mr. LaMonica said, investigators from the national Joint Terrorism Task Force interviewed him, asking for details of the transaction and for information about Mr. Shahzad. It struck Mr. LaMonica as unusual, but he said detectives told him they were simply “checking everything out.”

I don't think it is normal to be on the radar of the national JTTF.

Shahzad's attempt at bombing was very crude, and this after he is reported to have admitted to explosives training in Pakistan.

All in all, there is something fishy in the narrative we have so far.