Monday, May 03, 2010

Slipped the leash?

Dawn: Deobandi leadership shies away from condemning suicide bombings
LAHORE, May 1: The Deobandi leadership in the country has for the moment refused to give a consensual nod of disapproval to suicide attacks and other acts of militancy — despite efforts by some members to reconcile the school to new realities
If you read through the article, you will see that the Deobandi Ulema claim to be at a loss as to how to control the jihadi monster that they have created.
“The only lasting solution to the issue lies in talks. If the government is willing to talk (to the militants) on some solid, concrete points, we are ready to act as a bridge and mediate between the two parties. But before proceeding in that direction the government has to distance itself from the American policy objectives. You cannot stop suicide attacks and terrorism as long as you are seen to be standing side by side with the United States,” he {Maulana Samiul Haq} contended.
This is the same spiel Pakistan gives India "we cannot control terrorism, but talk to us and terrorism will go away".

Just how?