Sunday, July 12, 2009


Long ago, in Madras (when it was still Madras and not yet Chennai in all languages), I read one of Victor Mollo's Bridge in the Menagarie series (which, by the way, I strongly recommend). One of the lines there that stuck with me went something like this "It was hot, 24 C in the shade and even hotter in Fahrenheit".

I found that very funny. A cool evening in Chennai might be 30 C. 24 C is hot? Hilarious!

Today, in my area of NJ, it is 80 F, (i.e., 26.6 C), breezy and not humid; and even doing light work, like deadheading the roses, has me sweating like a pig and coming in for water or juice every twenty minutes. Me, who grew up in the tropics. And yes, I still have that pencil-like build which is most efficient at dissipating heat.

PS: This stuff (coconut water) is really good!