Sunday, May 24, 2009

Foerter Farm

If the pictures here are of interest, it is because of the effort to save Foerter Farm from development. Foerter Farm is one of the key open areas along Lawrence Brook. You can read about it here, .

There are no pictures of the farm here. What the farm lends is open space and an ambience to the surroundings. Photographically, it is a lot of flat land. Currently the areas I saw are fallow.

The Ved Mandir is the next-lot neighbor to the farm. In this view, the farm is behind me. (Blast that street-light pole!)

Farrington dam is north of the farm. Pictures from the top of the dam I posted already. Here are pictures from the base of the dam.



Bicentennial Park abuts the lake formed by the dam. Here is one of the park residents.
Yes, I blew highlights in the background.)

Finally, something totally unrelated. My niece spotted the opportunity. This is the door of a restaurant at the beach in Long Branch. (Remember, east is the Atlantic. The setting sun hits a not-so-pretty skyline, so the way to capture a sunset is by reflection.)