Friday, August 01, 2008

Sri Ganesh!

In a rush - so this is a resized camera JPEG.
Links to previous ones:
1. The first (inaugurating the blog, not my photo)
2. The second


Rajan P. Parrikar said...

Congratulations, and welcome to Macroville! It is also a scary sharp portrait lens (at f/2.8).

Now I will start working on your for the 85L :-)

cynthia said...

Maybe I'm way off base here, but I swear, this image of Sri Ganesh is so abstract looking that it could easily pass for pareidolia!

If such is the case, then you can make a bundle selling it on eBay, just like the owners of the Jesus Cheetos and the Virgin Mary Pretzel did not too long ago.

But you first must get beyond the foolish notion that Christianity has a monopoly on Capitalism.;^)

[just a little religious humor, that's all]

Arun said...

Means my picture is lousy :(

Anyway, scroll along this page.

Arun said...

Better yet, search for
+ ganesh + abstract in google images.

click here

Arun said...


cynthia said...

Arun, I never meant to imply that your photo is lousy. In fact, there's nothing lousy about it.

I just can't tell whether the gelatinous bubble resting among the flowers was intentionally or unintentionally made to look like Sri Ganesh. If it was unintentional, then it could easily pass for pareidolia.

The Sri Ganesh made out of flowers is nice. But because I'm more of a leaf person, I especially like the one made out of leaves.

ArgotMay said...

This is the most beautiful Ganesh I have seen. I wish I had one. Who makes them? Beautiful flowers. Thank you. Namaste.

Arun said...

Thanks! Not sure who makes them, received it as a gift.