Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moon at 840mm

300mm f/2.8 and extenders 1.4TC + 2.0TC (remember that the EXIF data doesn't get past the first TC); 100% crop of picture as shot - no other post-processing. The shot was inspired by a clear sky and this 800mm f/5.6 L (Canon's new lens) moon shot that was posted on fredmiranda.com.

Moon at 840mm

For this kind of shot, and these seeing conditions, am not missing much compared to the 800mm lens.  Of course, one could put the 2.0 TC on the 800mm lens....One day, one day  :)

PS: the moon through 500 mm + stacked TCs is also displayed in that fredmiranda thread. 

PPS: antique grayscale version - a Adobe Lightroom option


Anonymous said...

Truly amazing-Nanu

Rajan P. Parrikar said...

Lovely! I see that you spot metred and still had to impose a -2/3 exposure comp. My guess was that it would be the other way around. Also - I suspect the image would look even better with a little sharpening.

Arun said...

Yes, the first tries were overexposed. To compare like to like did no sharpening.

cynthia said...

I'm sure having a clear head makes all the difference in the world -- or, in this case, the Moon. And the next thing we'll know, Arun will be out in outer-space taking snap shots of the Moon's backside.;^)