Monday, May 28, 2007

First roses of 2007

These are among the first roses of 2007 in my garden. (I believe my garden has its own micro-climate. Other roses in the area have been blooming for a while.)

Not that I have a lot of roses. A Sunsprite (shown below), four red Knockout bushes. and climbing White Dawn and Don Juan trained on an arbor. The Don Juan actually flowered first, but the flower is 8 feet off the ground, and even standing on a chair, I couldn't get a good photograph. (Was too lazy to get out the step-ladder). All of them are with flower as of this morning.

You can see that the highlights are blown (something I'll return to.)

I'll also say it this once and never again - it sometimes seems faintly blasphemous to me to use the Canon 5D to record everyday life.