Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hindu Utopia

Seems to me that if Hindus have ever thought of utopia, then its defining feature is that everyone minds their own business. Rama Rajya is simply the state of affairs where everyone is free to mind their own business. Of course, "one's own business" is based on "one's own tradition".

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Anonymous said...

There are two things to Ram Rajya-

1. Who is "Ram"- or who in todays time has the moral certitude to be "Ram"? If not, then why is present democracy bad?

2.If the Indian state treated the religion of the bulk of its inhabitants with respect & forced more religious reform instead of votebank pandering, that itself would be Ram Rajya

The problem is manifold. Ba$tard indian politicians have kept all communities at loggernecks- see Akali Dal statements for how fundamentalist even Sikhs can be, to Congress MLAs for how they can play off Hindyus vs Muslims, to BJP which is so immature that it uses brawn not brains and is perenially angry at Muslims, to the SP/BSP which do caste baiting against the Upper castes all the time.

Sad state of affairs