Monday, January 02, 2006

Different strokes

In the last one month, in Afghanistan, the Taliban have made five attacks on schools for the crime of having girl students. They set fire to three school buildings, killed a teacher and student at a fourth, and tossed grenades at the fifth, fortunately only the building was damaged.

Meanwhile, the ultimate source of the Taliban, the madrassas of Pakistan, have stared down General Musharraf, who had wanted them to expel all their foreign students.

On a light-hearted note, the following were concerns of some in Houston, TX (via

Apparently, one Dr. Aamer Liaquat Hussain is the most famous host and personality on the popular Pakistani TV channel - Geo - where he hosts a program called "Aalim Online". I presume that this program is an Islamic/Koranic version of the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show on the radio in the US.

Well, this Dr. Hussain is in town and was on the local Pakistani radio two days ago. Like in Aalim Online, the locals were invited to call in with questions and concerns, to which Hussain would then provide "Islamic" answers. It made for some interesting listening. Two such calls from local Pakitanis, one funny and the other incredibly so, were these:

(1) I often get invited to visit and eat in the house of Hindoos. Is it "permissible" to eat that which is touched by Hindoos?

Answer: Well, you must understand that you are living in Dar-ul-Kufr and so you must adjust. As long as you don't make this a habit, you are given permission.

(2) A-o-A, mein Abdul Qadeer bol raha hoon. {I am Abdul Qadeer speaking.} Well, I had to go to my medical doctor recently and he asked me to take a urine test. The nurse then handed me a plastic cup and I did the needful. But unfortunately, when I gave the cup back, the nurse stuck a label on it and wrote the word "Qadeer" on it.

I was so offended by this that one of the prophet's name was written on something like this. What should I do?

Answer: (even the Geo host is slightly taken aback). Well, Abdulbhai, your jazba for our prophet (SAW), is commendable. But in this case, it is okay to let the nurse be.

No, I am not making this up...

{ In Islamic theology - the world is divided into Dar-ul-Islam or abode of Islam and Dar-ul-Kufr or abode of the infidels. Dar-ul-Harb or abode of war is the area in Dar-ul-Kufr where the battle to establish the supremacy of Islam is taking place. To engender peace between Muslims and non-believers, some theologians have introduced Dar-ul-Aman or abode of peace, where the infidels reign, but Muslims are not hindered from practicing Islam. Please note that non-hindrance usual includes following Islamic jurisprudence. India, with its separate civil law for Muslims (but common criminal law) is sometimes termed Dar-ul-Aman. Of course, jihadis from you-know-where are busy trying to undermine that. }