Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Answer to Atrios' question

Atrios poses this challenge -

Explain to me, in your best wingnutnese, how exactly it damages national security to reveal the fact that we spy on people without secret warrants instead of the fact that we spy on people with secret warrants?

I hope I'm not a wingnut. But I'm answering anyway.

The Enemies of America have a touching, näive faith in this country being a country of laws. They therefore know that as long as they don't act in a manner that raises suspicion to a level that a judge will issue a warrant, they are free to continue their Evil and Nefarious activities. The assurance to self - "I have given no probable cause" - allows them nights of peaceful slumber, untouched by worries of being spied upon. But now they know, we could be listening anyway, there is no facade behind which they can hide; and by letting them know, we've endangered national security.

PS: almost forgot the wingnuttery. The fact that the Enemies of America and the Democrats, Liberals, ACLU card-carriers share the same conception of America as a nation of laws proves that they are all on the same side.