Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thiru Kural

The Kural is an ancient book of maxims, written in Tamil, one of the classical languages of India. It may be a bit tactless of me to quote this section on Thanksgiving Day, traditionally given over to feasting on turkey.

  • How can he practice true compassion Who eats the flesh of an animal to fatten his own flesh?
  • Riches cannot be found in the hands of the thriftless, Nor can compassion be found in the hearts of those who eat meat.
  • Goodness is never one with the minds of these two: One who wields a weapon ad one who feasts on a creatures' flesh.
  • If you ask, "What is kindness and what is unkind?" It is not killing and killing. Thus, eating flesh is never virtuous.
  • Life is perpetuated by not eating meat. The clenched jaws of hell hold those who do.
  • If the world did not purchase and consume meat, There would be none to slaughter and offer meat for sale.
  • When a man realizes that meat is the butchered flesh Of another creature, he must abstain from eating it.
  • Perceptive souls who have abandoned passion Will not feed on flesh abandoned by life.
  • Greater then a thousand ghee {clarified butter} offerings consumed in sacrificial fires Do not do sacrifice and consume any living creature.
  • All that lives will press palms together in prayerful adoration Of those who refuse to slaughter and savor meat.

  • (from the Kural)