Sunday, November 27, 2005


Swiped from jrjrao, on bharat-rakshak, too precious to lose when the thread is trash-canned:

... just two days ago, the new Paki Tablighi Circus[1] run by Saeed Anwar and Junaid Jamshed was in town, and I had fun listening to them on the radio. As per what I heard Anwar and Jamshed say in their radio interviews, all these Paki "I-love-Bollywood" survey takers are friggin' munafiqs[2] who are going to roast, burn, fry and pickle their musharrafs[3] in Jahannum for all eternity. Anwar's exact words two days ago:

I ask all these Paki wimmen who run off to see (horribly unislamic) things like music concerts. Tell me - will any of them have a uterus which will produce the next Mohammad bin Qasim?[4] The next Salahuddin?? [5]

Funnily, this Saeed Anwar's rant was aired on a Paki radio show called "Sangeet"[6] - a show totally driven by all things Bollywood. And the host of this "Sangeet Radio", a dude also named Saeed, was squirming like a worm on the air when Anwar declared his entire enterprise haraam [7].

Comments by me
[1] Return to/come to Islam movement Also see this.
[2] Hypocrites (worse than infidels)
[3] Part of the anatomy one sits on (this is common Indian opinion, except for the extreme peaceniks, who would run over their grandmother for peace.)
[4] First Muslim invader of India, see section II of URL.. History in Pakistan commonly begins with Muhammad bin Qasim.
[5] Saladin, who turned back the Crusaders
[6] Music
[7] Forbidden by Islamic law.