Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Seditious Bunch

The corrupt Attorney General of Texas filed a complaint with the Supreme Court asking it to overthrow the elections in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Numerous Republican officials piled on. The Supreme Court summarily dismissed the complaint. But there has to be a reckoning. It will take time and come piecemeal, but the political careers of these Republicans needs to end - these participants in the "seditious abuse of the judicial process". To this end, the names of these participants is memorialized on this blog page. As Amy Davidson Sorkin writes:
There is no acceptable justification. There needs to be a real reckoning; if prominent Republicans do not now use the Court’s decision to renounce Trump’s campaign to overturn the election, they will do real and lasting harm to the country.
It was never enough for Republicans who supported the suit to tell themselves that they could be as ridiculous as they liked, because the Supreme Court wouldn’t go for the argument, anyway. If they didn’t know how much Trump’s efforts had eroded his supporters’ faith in the integrity of the electoral system, they should have realized it from reading the briefs that Texas and Trump filed, which, perversely enough, cited those doubts as a rationale for why the Supreme Court should intervene. “The nation needs this Court’s clarity,” Texas argued—as if the Court should reward them for creating confusion by throwing out electors. Trump’s brief made that point even more crassly. “The fact that nearly half of the country believes the election was stolen should come as no surprise,” it said, arguing that, by ruling in Texas’s favor, the Court would allow voters to “find solace” in an election result that excluded “illegal votes.” (All indications are that, by “illegal,” Trump means votes that were not cast for him; actual, specific allegations that there was fraud, backed by evidence, are conspicuously absent from the Texas and Trump briefs.) In short, Trump argued that because he threw mud on the election system’s machinery, the Court was obliged to junk it.
Texas made a convoluted argument about how it would be harmed if Kamala Harris, as Vice-President, ever had to break a tie vote in the Senate, which didn’t even track logically. Texas also claimed that it had standing to sue the states because their actions “debased the votes of citizens in Plaintiff State and other States that remained loyal to the Constitution.” The very framing of that argument—the imputation of disloyalty to the Constitution on the part of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—is an act of bad faith. It is also a dangerous provocation.
The Seditious Bunch - gleeful participants in the “seditious abuse of the judicial process” - compiled from the filings at Supreme Court Docket 22O155. Incidentally, the Supreme Court filing from the 126 House Republicans has at least one error, it lists Jeff Van Drew as representing the Second District in South Carolina. That is wrong, he represents the second district in New Jersey. So this list will be checked and corrected over the coming days. 

Update: December 19, 2020 -- several corrections, and added a link, almost all to Ballotpedia for each person.

Name Position State Link
Steve Marshall Attorney General Alabama Link
Bradley Byrne Member of Congress, AL-01 Alabama Link
Mike Rogers Member of Congress, AL-03 Alabama Link
Robert Aderholt Member of Congress, AL-04 Alabama Link
Mo Brooks Member of Congress, AL-05 Alabama Link
Gary Palmer Member of Congress, AL-06 Alabama Link
Christopher Kurka State Representative, AK-07 Alaska Link
Kevin McCabe State Representative, AK-08 Alaska Link
George Rauscher State Representative, AK-09 Alaska Link
David Eastman State Representative, AK-10 Alaska Link
Thomas McKay State Representative, AK-24 Alaska Link
Ron Gillham State Representative, AK-30 Alaska Link
Lora Reinbold State Senator, AK-G Alaska Link
Andy Biggs Member of Congress, AZ-05 Arizona Link
Debbie Lesko Member of Congress, AZ-08 Arizona Link
Steve Pierce State Representative, AZ-01 Arizona Link
Mark Finchem State Representative, AZ-11 Arizona Link
Bret Roberts State Representative, AZ-11 Arizona Link
Travis Grantham State Representative, AZ-12 Arizona Link
Nancy K Barto State Representative, AZ-15 Arizona Link
John Fillmore State Representative, AZ-16 Arizona Link
Anthony Kern State Representative, AZ-20 Arizona Link
Frank Carroll State Representative, AZ-22 Arizona Link
Sonny Borelli State Senator, AZ-05 Arizona Link
Sylvia Allen State Senator, AZ-06 Arizona Link
David Gowan State Senator, AZ-14 Arizona Link
Kelly Townsend State Senator, AZ-16 Arizona Link
Leslie Rutledge Attorney General Arkansas Link
Rick Crawford Member of Congress, AR-01 Arkansas Link
Bruce Westerman Member of Congress, AR-04 Arkansas Link
Doug LaMalfa Member of Congress, CA-01 California Link
Tom McClintock Member of Congress, CA-04 California Link
Kevin McCarthy Member of Congress, CA-23 California Link
Ken Calvert Member of Congress, CA-42 California Link
Ken Buck Member of Congress, CO-04 Colorado Link
Doug Lamborn Member of Congress, CO-05 Colorado Link
Ashley B Moody Attorney General Florida Link
Matt Gaetz Member of Congress, FL-01 Florida Link
Neal P Dunn M.D. Member of Congress, FL-02 Florida Link
Ted S Yoho Member of Congress, FL-03 Florida Link
John Rutherford Member of Congress, FL-04 Florida Link
Michael Waltz Member of Congress, FL-06 Florida Link
Bill Posey Member of Congress, FL-08 Florida Link
Daniel Webster Member of Congress, FL-11 Florida Link
Gus M Bilirakis Member of Congress, FL-12 Florida Link
Ross Spano Member of Congress, FL-15 Florida Link
W Gregory Steube Member of Congress, FL-17 Florida Link
Mario Diaz-Balart Member of Congress, FL-25 Florida Link
Earl L "Buddy" Carter Member of Congress, GA-01 Georgia Link
A Drew Ferguson IV Member of Congress, GA-03 Georgia Link
Austin Scott Member of Congress, GA-08 Georgia Link
Doug Collins Member of Congress, GA-09 Georgia Link
Jody Hice Member of Congress, GA-10 Georgia Link
Barry Loudermilk Member of Congress, GA-11 Georgia Link
Rick W Allen Member of Congress, GA-12 Georgia Link
Colton Moore State Representative, GA-01 Georgia Link
Jason Ridley State Representative, GA-06 Georgia Link
Trey Rhodes State Representative, GA-120 Georgia Link
Ricky Williams State Representative, GA-145 Georgia Link
Greg Morris State Representative, GA-156 Georgia Link
Bill Werkheiser State Representative, GA-157 Georgia Link
Jeff Jones State Representative, GA-167 Georgia Link
Steven Meeks State Representative, GA-178 Georgia Link
Don Hogan State Representative, GA-179 Georgia Link
Wes Cantrell State Representative, GA-22 Georgia Link
Sheri Gilligan State Representative, GA-24 Georgia Link
David Clark State Representative, GA-98 Georgia Link
Sheila McNeill State Senator-Elect, GA-03 Georgia Link
William Ligon State Senator, GA-03 Georgia Link
Tyler Harper State Senator, GA-07 Georgia Link
Bruce Thompson State Senator, GA-14 Georgia Link
Marty Harbin State Senator, GA-16 Georgia Link
Blake Tillery State Senator, GA-19 Georgia Link
Brandon Beach State Senator, GA-21 Georgia Link
Lee Anderson State Senator, GA-24 Georgia Link
Burt Jones State Senator, GA-25 Georgia Link
Greg Dolezal State Senator, GA-27 Georgia Link
Matt Brass State Senator, GA-28 Georgia Link
Randy Robertson State Senator, GA-29 Georgia Link
Lindsey Tippins State Senator, GA-37 Georgia Link
Renee Unterman State Senator, GA-45 Georgia Link
Steve Gooch State Senator, GA-51 Georgia Link
Jeff Mullis State Senator, GA-53 Georgia Link
Janice McGeachin Lieutenant Governor Idaho Link
Russ Fulcher Member of Congress, ID-01 Idaho Link
Michael K Simpson Member of Congress, ID-02 Idaho Link
Heather Scott State Representative, ID-01A Idaho Link
Sage Dixon State Representative, ID-01B Idaho Link
Tony Wisniewski State Representative, ID-03B Idaho Link
Aaron von Ehlinger State Representative, ID-06A Idaho Link
Priscilla Sue Giddings State Representative, ID-07A Idaho Link
Charlie Shepherd State Representative, ID-07B Idaho Link
Terry F Gestrin State Representative, ID-08A Idaho Link
Dorothy Moon State Representative, ID-08B Idaho Link
Ryan Kerby State Representative, ID-09A Idaho Link
Bruce D Skaug State Representative, ID-12A Idaho Link
Ben Adams State Representative, ID-13B Idaho Link
John Vander Woude State Representative, ID-22A Idaho Link
Ronald M Nate Ph.D. State Representative, ID-34B Idaho Link
Karey Hanks State Representative, ID-35A Idaho Link
Steve Vick State Senator, ID-02 Idaho Link
Mary Souza State Senator, ID-04 Idaho Link
Steve Thayn State Senator, ID-08 Idaho Link
Christy Zito State Senator, ID-23 Idaho Link
Mike Bost Member of Congress, IL-12 Illinois Link
Darin LaHood Member of Congress, IL-18 Illinois Link
Curtis T. Hill Jr. Attorney General Indiana Link
Jackie Walorski Member of Congress, IN-02 Indiana Link
Jim Banks Member of Congress, IN-03 Indiana Link
James R Baird Member of Congress, IN-04 Indiana Link
Greg Pence Member of Congress, IN-06 Indiana Link
Trey Hollingsworth Member of Congress, IN-09 Indiana Link
Steve King Member of Congress, IA-04 Iowa Link
Derek Schmidt Attorney General Kansas Link
Roger Marshall M.D. Member of Congress, KS-01 Kansas Link
Ron Estes Member of Congress, KS-04 Kansas Link
Jeff Landry Attorney General Louisiana Link
Steve Scalise Member of Congress, LA-01 Louisiana Link
Clay Higgins Member of Congress, LA-03 Louisiana Link
Mike Johnson Member of Congress, LA-04 Louisiana Link
Ralph Abraham Member of Congress, LA-05 Louisiana Link
Andrew Harris Member of Congress, MD-01 Maryland Link
Jack Bergman Member of Congress, MI-01 Michigan Link
Bill Huizenga Member of Congress, MI-02 Michigan Link
John Moolenaar Member of Congress, MI-04 Michigan Link
Tim Walberg Member of Congress, MI-07 Michigan Link
Jack O'Malley State Representative, MI-101 Michigan Link
Michele Hoitenga State Representative, MI-102 Michigan Link
Daire Rendon State Representative, MI-103 Michigan Link
Greg Markkanen State Representative, MI-110 Michigan Link
Joseph Bellino State Representative, MI-17 Michigan Link
Douglas Wozniak State Representative, MI-36 Michigan Link
Matt Maddock State Representative, MI-44 Michigan Link
John Reilly State Representative, MI-46 Michigan Link
Bronna Kahle State Representative, MI-57 Michigan Link
Julie Alexander State Representative, MI-64 Michigan Link
Beth Griffin State Representative, MI-66 Michigan Link
Brad Paquette State Representative, MI-78 Michigan Link
Gary Eisen State Representative, MI-81 Michigan Link
Luke Meerman State Representative, MI-88 Michigan Link
Rodney Wakeman State Representative, MI-94 Michigan Link
Jim Hagedorn Member of Congress, MN-01 Minnesota Link
Tom Emmer Member of Congress, MN-06 Minnesota Link
Pete Stauber Member of Congress, MN-08 Minnesota Link
Lynn Fitch Attorney General Mississippi Link
Trent Kelly Member of Congress, MS-01 Mississippi Link
Michael Guest Member of Congress, MS-03 Mississippi Link
Steven Palazzo Member of Congress, MS-04 Mississippi Link
Eric S. Schmitt Attorney General Missouri Link
Justin D. Smith Deputy Attorney General Missouri Link
Ann Wagner Member of Congress, MO-02 Missouri Link
Blaine Luetkemeyer Member of Congress, MO-03 Missouri Link
Vicky Hartzler Member of Congress, MO-04 Missouri Link
Sam Graves Member of Congress, MO-06 Missouri Link
Billy Long Member of Congress, MO-07 Missouri Link
Jason Smith Member of Congress, MO-08 Missouri Link
D. John Sauer Solicitor General Counsel of Record Missouri Link
Tim Fox Attorney General Montana Link
Greg Gianforte Member of Congress, MT-at-large Montana Link
Douglas J Peterson Attorney General Nebraska Link
Jeff Fortenberry Member of Congress, NE-01 Nebraska Link
Adrian Smith Member of Congress, NE-03 Nebraska Link
Jeff Van Drew Member of Congress, NJ-02 New Jersey Link
Lee Zeldin Member of Congress, NY-01 New York Link
Elise Stefanik Member of Congress, NY-21 New York Link
Gregory Murphy M.D. Member of Congress, NC-03 North Carolina Link
Virginia Foxx Member of Congress, NC-05 North Carolina Link
Mark Walker Member of Congress, NC-06 North Carolina Link
David Rouzer Member of Congress, NC-07 North Carolina Link
Richard Hudson Member of Congress, NC-08 North Carolina Link
Dan Bishop Member of Congress, NC-09 North Carolina Link
Ted Budd Member of Congress, NC-13 North Carolina Link
Wayne Stenehejm Attorney General North Dakota Link
Brad Wenstrup Member of Congress, OH-02 Ohio Link
Jim Jordan Member of Congress, OH-04 Ohio Link
Robert E Latta Member of Congress, OH-05 Ohio Link
Bill Johnson Member of Congress, OH-06 Ohio Link
Bob Gibbs Member of Congress, OH-07 Ohio Link
Mike Hunter Attorney General Oklahoma Link
Kevin Hern Member of Congress, OK-01 Oklahoma Link
Markwayne Mullin Member of Congress, OK-02 Oklahoma Link
Dan Meuser Member of Congress, PA-09 Pennsylvania Link
Scott Perry Member of Congress, PA-10 Pennsylvania Link
Fred Keller Member of Congress, PA-12 Pennsylvania Link
John Joyce Member of Congress, PA-13 Pennsylvania Link
Guy Reschenthaler Member of Congress, PA-14 Pennsylvania Link
Glenn "GT" Thompson Member of Congress, PA-15 Pennsylvania Link
Mike Kelly Member of Congress, PA-16 Pennsylvania Link
Daryl D Metcalfe State Representative, PA-12 Pennsylvania LInk
Cris E Dush State Representative, PA-25 Pennsylvania Link
Mike Puskaric State Representative, PA-39 Pennsylvania Link
Thomas R Sankey III State Representative, PA-73 Pennsylvania Link
Alan Wilson Attorney General South Carolina Link
Joe Wilson Member of Congress, SC-02 South Carolina Link
Jeff Duncan Member of Congress, SC-03 South Carolina Link
William Timmons Member of Congress, SC-04 South Carolina Link
Ralph Norman Member of Congress, SC-05 South Carolina Link
Tom Rice Member of Congress, SC-07 South Carolina Link
Jason R Ravnsborg Attorney General South Dakota Link
Herbert H Slattery III Attorney General Tennessee Link
Tim Burchett Member of Congress, TN-02 Tennessee Link
Chuck Fleischmann Member of Congress, TN-03 Tennessee Link
Scott DesJarlais Member of Congress, TN-04 Tennessee Link
John Rose Member of Congress, TN-06 Tennessee Link
Mark Green Member of Congress, TN-07 Tennessee Link
David Kustoff Member of Congress, TN-08 Tennessee Link
Ken Paxton Attorney General Texas Link
Brent Webster First Assistant Attorney General Texas Link
Louie Gohmert Member of Congress, TX-01 Texas Link
Daniel Crenshaw Member of Congress, TX-02 Texas Link
Lance Gooden Member of Congress, TX-05 Texas Link
Ron Wright Member of Congress, TX-06 Texas Link
Kevin Brady Member of Congress, TX-08 Texas Link
Mike Conaway Member of Congress, TX-11 Texas Link
Randy Weber Member of Congress, TX-14 Texas Link
Bill Flores Member of Congress, TX-17 Texas Link
Jodey Arrington Member of Congress, TX-19 Texas Link
Kenny Marchant Member of Congress, TX-24 Texas Link
Roger Williams Member of Congress, TX-25 Texas Link
Michael C Burgess Member of Congress, TX-26 Texas Link
Michael Cloud Member of Congress, TX-27 Texas Link
Brian Babin Member of Congress, TX-36 Texas Link
Sean D Reyes Attorney General Utah Link
Rob Wittman Member of Congress, VA-01 Virginia Link
Ben Cline Member of Congress, VA-06 Virginia Link
H Morgan Griffith Member of Congress, VA-09 Virginia Link
Dan Newhouse Member of Congress, WA-04 Washington Link
Cathy McMorris Rodgers Member of Congress, WA-05 Washington Link
Patrick Morrisey Attorney General West Virginia Link
Alex X Mooney Member of Congress, WV-02 West Virginia Link
Carol D Miller Member of Congress, WV-03 West Virginia Link
Tom Tiffany Member of Congress, WI-07 Wisconsin Link