Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Indian Millenial Nationalism

Kush Arora has an essay from which I extract these lines: (emphasis added)
It has been argued by historians of the Marxist fold that Indian nationalism rests on, and is born out of the freedom struggle. I have deep reservations against this idea; however, it is very obvious that with the fading memory of colonialism, spoken if at all, in the dense post-colonial theory, no one on the younger side of 30 (60% of India) really cares if we were brought together through collectively opposing the Brits or through sitting round in a circle peeling potatoes in someone’s wedding. What is of relevance is that at the end of it all there has been cultivated a sense of the collective “Indian”.
The Indian Marxists in the US are busy trying to extirpate "India" from California's textbooks -- "“most references to India before 1947 should be changed to South Asia.”".  So inspiring to know that Columbus set out to find a sea route to the fabled South Asia,  and that the inhabitants of America that he and later voyagers found should have been called S. Asians.   It is unclear why America suffers these idiots;  but in India, they are fighting a rear-guard action (I hope) that will end with their permanent extinction from the world of ideas.