Thursday, July 18, 2013


An example of Stand Your Ground in action (courtesy the Tampa Bay Times)

Location details: In front of the victim's home in Ozello, Citrus County, on Jan. 24, 2011

What happened: Scott Standard and James W. Conner III owned adjacent properties and had a long-running dispute that led Conner to seek an injunction ordering Standard to keep his distance. One night in January 2011, Standard went out to his truck before bed and came across Conner, sitting in his truck with his wife. The men argued and Standard, wearing nothing but long johns, threw a rock at the couple's truck, Conner told police. Conner pulled a gun and shot Standard at least twice, killing him. Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino told Standard's family in May 2011 that Conner would not be charged because physical evidence and the only witness, Conner's wife, supported Conner's claim of self-defense. The family believes the case was poorly investigated and that Conner was the aggressor. They argued that even if Standard threw a rock, it could not have been dangerous because it didn't break the truck windshield.

The outcome: Not charged

Investigating agency: Citrus County Sheriff

Case decision made by: Prosecutor's office